Mojito Lite/Mint Rum Rickey with Cotton and Reed Mellow Gold


Our house gin and tonic featuring Spring 44 Gin, Red Beard Valencia Citrus Tonic, and Fino Sherry


Our house Margarita with coconut fat-washed Astral Blanco Tequila, Grand Marnier, and lime. Infused with Nitrogen to give it a creamy, just shaken texture

Call Me Definitely

Our House Mule with Spring 44 Vodka, Redbeard Ginger beer, lime, cranberry and orange

fairy vodmother

Our house vodka soda has Spring 44 Vodka, Red Beard Citrus Seltzer, a splash of Rosé, and hints of passionfruit

Barrel aged Smokeshow

A mezcal bittersweet cocktail with Cocchi Rosa Americano Vermouth and rhubarb amaro barrel aged solara style since 4/11/19

Cold Tea Matcha Colada

Matcha Piña Colada with pineapple, green tea, lacto fermented coconut milk, saké, and rum


Our Old Fashioned with rye, bourbon, Cotton and Reed Mellow Gold, El Buho Mezcal, Grand Marnier, Angostura and Jerry Thomas Decantour Bitters, and citrus gomme syrup


Our house negroni served under Nitrogen gas. Creamy velvet texture, beautiful flavor. Campari, Olive Oil Washed Plymouth, Rosé and Rouge Vermouth

Red Tide

Boulevardier featuring Toki Whiskey, Lustau Sweet Vermouth, Bittercube Cherrybark Bitters, served over a lapsang souchong ice cube topped with Campari Concentrate Mousse

Midori Shower

Midori and Shochu soda with lime, lychee, and citrus gomme served in a Ramune bottle

Food by doi moi

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